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To draw cat whiskers

Adolf Hitler disliked cats, he preferred dogs. No, he was not allergic, he simply did not like cats. But why should it worry true lovers of these beautiful creatures?

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To draw a heart

Harmless fun for the most romantic of us. No, it is not a manifestation of love for the Fuhrer, it is just a small and noncommittal pink heart. The cost of one heart - 2 dollars, each next heart - 1 dollar.

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Clown nose

Sometimes even a bad man needs to have fun. In this case quite a little effort is needed to create a festive mood - simply put a clown nose on the Fuhrer. The holiday atmosphere can be strengthened with the use of other options - balloons, a bow and butterflies.

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The year of 1945. Luftwaffe (air forces of the Third Reich) are defeated. Symbols of a new, peaceful time - balloons - are replacing fierce battles for the air space. The cost of one heart - 4 dollars, each next heart - 2 dollar.

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Two big and beautiful butterflies decided to rest on a hot day. For some unknown reason, they chose to sit not on a mossy tree in a shady little wood nearby but on a gravestone - and not just anyone’s gravestone, but the one of Adolf Hitler.

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To put on a bow

More than a century ago, in the late nineteenth century, a 29 years old Klara Hitler gave birth to a son and named him Adolf. Multi-colored bows suited little Adolf very much and he happily laughed when his mom showed him himself in the mirror - a beautiful boy with a bow on his neck. Let's give the Fuehrer a chance to recall his childhood!

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To perch a christmas hat

Garlands are lighting up, clock is striking midnight, Coca-Cola trucks are driving into your city... Yeah, it's a New year - a fairytale time of fulfillment of all dreams! So why not share the fun with the Fuhrer?

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To paint one’s lips

Lipstick will work wonders with the austere look of the Fuhrer: facial features will become softer and kinder, his glance will acquire a certain appeal and mystique. Cosmetics were something unacceptable only men who lived in the last century. Nowadays the society easily forgives the stronger sex all its little weaknesses.

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To put on earrings

Everyone wants to be the center of attention. Red earrings and high heels will help to be fascinating throughout the evening.

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To put on necklace

A string of garnet red beads is ideal for an evening beach. Beads can be worn in one or in several rows, experimenting with the image.

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Combo "a beauty"

Red lipstick, earrings and necklace will drive any man crazy!

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To offer some Pepsi

Adolf Hitler was concerned about the health of the nation, that's why it was impossible to purchase this great drink in German stores during the Third Reich time. But should something that was forbidden during lifetime, be forbidden after death?

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To offer some Cola

Life duality applies to everything, including drinks. Disputes of the wise men about the advantages of Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi have not subsided during more than hundred years. We assume that the opinion of the Fuhrer would be significant in this question as well.

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To offer a lunch

A spoon, a fork and a burp cloth - everything is ready.

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To give a light

Adolf Hitler was a heavy smoker in his youth, but later he managed to get rid of this addiction. However, in later years, when he was nervous, while listening to reports from the war theater, he often caught himself on a thought of wanting to smoke a cigarette. Adolf knows how to smoke up to five cigarettes at the same time. The cost of one heart - 4 dollars, each next heart - 2 dollar.

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To duct-tape a mouth

It is believed that Adolf Hitler was an extremely gifted orator and knew how to play on the sentiments of the crowd like a musical instrument. Now you have a unique chance to shut up this annoying musician.

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To light a candle

A lone candle on the grave will force a viewer to reflect on the impermanence of all things. This is a good occasion to remember about the death of each of us. If even that person who made everyone on this planet learn his name due to the strength and the scale of his crimes, failed to avoid this sad fate, how can we afford to live like we are going to live forever? One candle - 2 dollars, each next candle - 1 dollar.

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To hang a birdhouse

Birds are having a hard time in the winter months – it is harder and harder to get food. That is why kind and helpful people hang birdhouses on trees. But since we do not have a tree, hopefully a tombstone will do. Maybe someday a tired bird will fly in this birdhouse and find shelter from storms and other hardships.

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To hang a sinister chain

If you want to add the atmosphere of a good old horror movie and scare all nervous and sensitive people from the stream, this is what you need. Heavy and sinister chains will create the impression that you are in Gestapo’s torture facility. But don't worry, the prisoner here is not you. One chain - 4 dollars, each next chain - 2 dollars.

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To hang hooks on a chain

Hooks are not less sinister when hung on sinister chains. Similar hooks are used for hanging animal carcasses. Such a spectacle leaves no one indifferent! One chain - 4 dollars, each next chain - 2 dollars.

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To hang a loop

Ten high-ranking Nazis took death by hanging on the night of October 16, 1946 by decision of the Nuremberg court. Perhaps Adolf Hitler would have shared their fate, if he wouldn’t prudently have committed suicide.

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To put the number of the beast

"One who understands can calculate the number of the beast, for it is a number that stands for a person. His number is six hundred and sixty-six". (Rev. 13:18)

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Throwing a rotten tomato

As we know, Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian and knew all the favor of tomatoes. They strengthened the immune system of the Fuhrer, enriching it with vitamins. Unfortunately, there are no fresh tomatoes in our institution. A charge of vitamins is sent with a throw exactly at the whiskered physiognomy. Throw a rotten tomato at the Fuhrer!

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Throw some clay

Of course, it is clay, and what did you think?

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To apply an inscription of the “Igor Ivanov was here” form

You can apply your own initials on the tombstone of Adolf Hitler himself, the worst human being in the entire history of the Earth. Just write us your name.

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To apply an inscription of the “gay-power” form

Homosexuals were sent to concentration camps in Nazi Germany, almost no one came back from those camps. Therefore, to write this on the gravestone of Adolf Hitler is considered particularly chic in our time.

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Combo "All inclusive"

For those who like to get everything at once. You can get all the services listed above for just 70 dollars (a 40% discount). For technical questions please contact us in “Telegram” app -

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To close project "Hitler Caput"

If you are deeply disgusted with the idea of this attraction, or you are a supporter of Adolf Hitler, or just a person who can afford to spend any amount of money for the satisfaction of a passing desire, it is in your power to close this project forever. Legal aspects of closing the project are discussed individually. Please write to us in “Telegram” app - - to purchase this service.

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